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    We purchase & collect large amount of used cooking oil from grease collectors & food manufacturing companies throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

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    We pay top dollar for used cooking oil and guarantee you that we will properly test and weigh the product to ensure maximum returns.

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To Continually Maintain A Long Term Vendor Relationship, We Continually Offered High Yeilds and Have Provided Outstanding Customer Support.
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IKG Collection Center

We will realize that by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, and price points in our industry we can become the world leader when it comes to the yellow, brown grease and / or used cooking oil industry. By assuring our current and new customers / partners our continuous commitment of providing nothing less that excellent service; without a doubt together we can achieve this goal. To make certain that our customers retain the highest profit margin, we have formed a strategic alliance with numerous used cooking oil investors to ensure flexibilities in providing you with above market value pricing.

Used Cooking Grease Buyers

The Process of Selling Used Cooking Oil | Grease

We purchase used cooking oil - grease only from licensed haulers, food manufacturers and grease collection centers. Whether you are delivering the used cooking grease / oil to our facility or having us pick up the oil at your location; we will ensure that we properly handle and test the product. We take a sample of the cooking oil to test for MIU and FFA to determine the quality of the product collected. Whether you have finished or unfinished product we will ensure you with the highest return for your product.

What is the price for used cooking grease / used cooking oil?

Due to the rise and fall price of grease pricing (both yellow and brown grease); providing a final pricing can be complicated. The fact is yellow and brown grease are commodities; prices can go up or down at any given time. Though, as a company we assure you that we will provide you with accurate pricing and most circumstances, we have been known to pay above market value because of the commitment we have promised our valued vendors.

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We Purchase Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Fish Oil, Peanut Oil, Lard, Butter, Etc..
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Our Promise

Licensed Facility

We are a California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) approved collection center to collect and receive used cooking oil from haulers and food manufacturers. We abide by all the regulations set by the all cities and states regarding collecting and receiving inedible kitchen waste.

Our Guarantee

As a team with guarantee the highest service quality along with providing our customers with best FMV for the used cooking oil / grease that is sold to our company. We will make certain that once the product is tested and accepted our accounting department will release the payment on the same day.

Our Customers

We purchase used cooking oil / grease from licensed collection centers, rendering plants, haulers and food manufacturers. We accept finish or unfinished product which include: vegetable oil, peanut oil, grape seed oil, palm oil, coconut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, lard, etc..


The fact that prices of oil is driven by commodity market, prices will vary based on the market demand. There are many factors that will determine the prices of the used cooking oil that is being purchased, for current pricing of yellow or brown grease please contact us at 888-511-4645.

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Oil Container Cleaning Area (Courtesy)

  • Hot Water
  • Cleaner Provided
  • High Pressure Washer
  • Water Recovery
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Used Oil Buyer (Collection Center)

  • Unfinished Product
  • Finished Product
  • Same Day Payment
  • Speed Container Wash
  • Tank or Barrels
  • Oil & Lard

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Commercial Food Manufacturers

  • Used Inedible Grease
  • Finished Below 2%
  • Non-Finished
  • Free Collection
  • Rebate
  • HCH or Check

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IKG Approved Grease Collection Center

  • Free Pick Up
  • 2,000 Gal. Minimum
  • Same Day Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • Finished Product
  • Unfinished Product

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Please note that when dropping off your used cooking oil to sell or if you are planning on selling your grease to company, you must have a current IKG sticker on your windshield. We do not purchase, nor will purchase from any unlicensed grease collector / hauler. Please visit our blog site to learn how you can be an approved grease hauler.


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